Joseph Solomon

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Attorney Joseph J. Solomon specializes in Personal Injury, Business Law and Real Estate.

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Whatever your personal situation, Joseph Solomon can help.



Because we firmly believe that trust and integrity are essential to favorable outcomes.
Joseph J Solomon

Welcome to the Law Offices of Joseph J. Solomon

When you need an attorney, you can count on our office and staff to be responsive, respectful and resourceful on your behalf. I've been practicing law in Ohio since 1984, with an emphasis in litigation of personal injury cases as well as business law, real estate and other selected areas.

Early in my career, I interned in the Public Defenders office in Lucas County for two years and was a Lucas County prosecutor for twelve years. I started private practice in 1996. As a result of this experience, my clients get the benefit of someone who knows and understands the law from all perspectives. In addition, my trial experience is second to none in the Toledo area.

Highly Regarded By The Toledo Bar Association

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