Joseph Solomon

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Business Law

    • The laws relevant to business are of special interest to us.  We are experienced in advising clients and setting up the appropriate legal structure for any enterprise.  The purpose of any legal business structure is usually to protect corporate and personal assets and minimize the tax liabilities.

      • Incorporations, LLCs, Sub-S Partnerships, Non-Profits
    • • Contracts/Employment Agreements
    • • Business Disputes

    • Civil Litigation

For most organizations, the choice is between a "C" corporation (an entity which pays taxes) and a Limited Liability Company in which all profit and losses flow through to the owners.  We also have experience with 501 c3 corporations for foundations and other not-for-profit entities.

No matter the organization structure, Joseph Solomon has extensive experience in resolving a wide range of business disputes among owners, shareholders, employees or other business entities.  We create employment contracts and other agreements to help clarify and protect your business.   

We also represent our business clients and handle disputes with competitors, internal harassment charges, wrongful discharge, disputes with federal, state and local tax authorities, landlord issues and much more. With years of civil litigation experience on tap, we can protect your business and personal assets.  

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Attorney Joseph J. Solomon specializes in Personal Injury, Business Law and Real Estate.

Other Areasof Practice

Whatever your personal situation, Joseph Solomon can help.



Because we firmly believe that trust and integrity are essential to favorable outcomes.