Joseph Solomon

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Real Estate

    • Whether you're buying, selling or leasing real estate, it's important that you have legal representation to protect your interests.  Default clauses, interest accelerators, unknown liens, terms to vacate, property lines, flood plains, shared rights of way, easements and hundreds of other factors could contribute to future disappointment and, in some cases, cost you thousands of dollars.

      Real Estate Closings
    • • Purchase or Sale, Land Contracts 
        • • Commercial Property
        • • Leases/Sub-Leases
        • • Title and Zoning Issues

Joseph Solomon has been involved in hundreds of complicated real estate transactions over the years.  Whether you're buying or selling property through land contract or conventional financing, we have the experience to help. 

Commercial property contracts can have very complicated provisions and often include zoning issues, restricted uses, leasehold improvement provisions, sub-lease restrictions, default terms and more. It is even more critical that you have an attorney involved to represent you and your business.

Because every piece of property is unique and there can be an enormous numbers of variables, we advise everyone to have legal representation. 

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Attorney Joseph J. Solomon specializes in Personal Injury, Business Law and Real Estate.

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Whatever your personal situation, Joseph Solomon can help.



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